Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dear Rajon Rondo..

Dear Rondo,

Even though I was rooting for Lakers, I would just like to say..

i think you are awesome.

that is all.


Saturday, June 12, 2010

lazy is an ugly word.

yes i know. i havent written in a long long time. with blogging, consistency is key.
and it seems like i just dont know how to master that. with anything. i feel like with my life, i only have enough hands to do the few tasks at a time, and thats it. give me any extra stuff to work on.. i'll just get confused and end up dropping stuff.
so when im blogging heaps, it must mean there is something out there that im supposed to be doing but abandoning because of blogging.

for a long time.i really thought it had to do with a child, when you are told over and over again that lazy is what you are.. you end up believing it. i didnt start questioning until i was old enough to think for myself.

perhaps i am a little lazy when it comes to certain things, like chores.. or i procrastinate with various tasks. but i am by no means lazy ALL THE TIME. to be labeled as a lazy person makes me feel horrible.

you know. lazy is such an ugly word. like stupid.

when i have children, they will never be labeled with words like that.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

everytime i close my eyes..

how can anyone not love old songs like this? it just makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.. lol..

i know its been awhile since my last entry. will be posting a new one tomorrow.. need some sleep now. zzzzZzzz

Saturday, March 20, 2010

my baby is not really my baby...

for the past week i have been exercising my dog every day since i picked up this book to read -

i started watching Cesar's Dog whisperer show since season 1. my best friend lent it to me and i watch a few episodes here and there when i babysit.(i dont have cable but seems like every other person does)
back then i tried using some of the techniques he teaches on the show.. like being calm and assertive.. not letting jaijai(my dog's name, its Cantonese for son/baby boy) jump on people or walk infront of me when we go out.. he used to constantly pull and pull and pull and i'd get bruises on my hand

but i just wasnt doing it right coz it didnt change TOO much of his behabiour.. until i started reading this book.. and realized its JUST LIKE HE SAYS ON THE SHOW!! you just have to WALK WALK WALK in the right way.
and that its the energy.. you see, that, i can understand .. coz that's more like my language..

so our lives are forever different. i know i know. sounds dramatic. but it really has been a big change for us. he's content. you know?



satisfied with what one is or has; not wanting more or anything else.

He is no longer frustrated or over-excited.coz now he has the exercise hes been needing. sometimes he comes home way way tired and i feel like thats probably too much for him.. but he's so so so happy.
not in a tongue-out-huff-and-puff or tail-wagging type of happy. but just so mellow.
and he sleeps like a log at night now!! no more waking up in the middle of the night, strolling around the backyard.

im so so happy with our progress and how much we've achieved in just a few days. i know that consistency is key and i'll have to walk him twice EVERY DAY.
but i know i can do it. coz seeing him like this means so so much to me. although i cant treat him like a baby anymore.. but to me.. in my heart.. he will always be my baby.

i know many people dont agree with the way Cesar does things, and some even say its animal cruelty. but if you really saw the differences in the dogs, you might change your mind.
in my opinion, human beings are selfish. we LIKE to humanize things. EVERYTHING. but especially our dogs. they're not humans. they're definitely not your children. but we treat them like that because it makes US feel better. not them. think about it, do you really know what a dog needs? Is it REALLY treats and toys and affection day in and day out?

its not healthy to spoil your dog like its not healthy to spoil your children.
sure, you might get their love and affection in return.and you might be their best friends, but are you doing what's best for the people/animals you love?

sometimes love is just not enough. there is also responsibility. compassion. understanding. discipline. YES discipline. i didnt say punishment. thats VERY different. i mean discipline. like the thing that gets us out of bed to go to school/work every day. the thing that keeps us on time, dressed, showered.
its the very thing that stops us eating cheesecakes all day every day.( although i would like that very much)
thats what it is. we ALL need it.

the best thing we can do for our animal friends is to give them exactly that. in Cesar's words - in this order - exercise-discipline-affection.
it's simple. in my opinion one of the most important thing in the world -

well i think so anyways..=)

Thank You Cesar Millan.

Thank You JaiJai for being in my life, being here for a reason, teaching me about life + about myself, saving me without intending to, having all the patience in the world, trusting and living in the moment.

I Love You.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


ive had such a baaaaadddd week last week.. so when the doctor said i have severe PMT, it really is SEVERE... *sigh*
AND i havent blogged in more than 10 days... -_-" how do people keep up with their blogs?
maybe im just super retarded with using the computer... i have to resize all my photos before i post them onto the blog...and i take freaking ages..
anyways.. so i got my package from yesstyle. *finally.. after a whole month* its just that having ordered from them before, and also from yesasia (for dvds and chinese books) i expected them to be quicker than this. >_<"
this is one of the jumper dresses i got..

no face coz looked funny. im not sure why low self-esteem self constantly thinks that theres something wrong with my face if random people are looking at me. do you think it could perhaps mean they like my new dress instead? BLEH.

anyways.. lets talk about happier things..
on saturday, gav and i went to Rozelle Markets.. and i got myself a 2nd hand bag + a nice dress.... altogether $5.. HAHA.. yay so happy.

i wore the dress on that night.. but havent uploaded photos yet. will do so in next entry. it looks better in real life than in photo. its quite long.. (past the knees) and has a pretty pattern.
so after the markets we went to kinokuniya to get myself a philosophy book and gav a graphic novel.. and look what gav bought for me..

i never knew cher was such a big brand in japan and oh-so-popular until i started reading blogs like jennys' ( see last entry ) and started spotting cher bags in jap magz.

it came with two catalogues---

to be honest.. im just happy to get a new make up bag.. coz ive been needing it for AGES.. altho i dont understand the reason for its popularity, its rather cute isnt it? and i love the photography in the catalogues.there were heaps left at kino too.. which is surprising.. coz usually when theres a cher gift.. its always sold out.

la la la.. so that was a happy day for me. lots of goodies.oh.. and i managed to take a photo of the packet of dumplings i was talking about in my last entry.
im still addicted to them and have been boiling some whenever i have the opportunity to. =P yum yum..

Thursday, March 4, 2010

midnight snacking is a naughty thing..

indeed it is. but this will teach me not to look at yummy food blogs such as grabyourfork in the middle of the night!!
so here i am.. sitting infront of my computer.. eating soupy mini dumplings. even though these are just the frozen ones you find in any asian grocery stores.. they're pretty good. the ones im having now are my favorite - pork and shiitake mushrooms.
sorry no pic coz its just too dark to get a decent photo out of my *beloved* iphone camera.

HOWEVER, the food is giving me more energy to catch up on some blogging!!
so about a week ago i ordered (yes i know.. lots of online shopping lately) a wig through a lovely girl called Rina who lives in Japan.. i found her through a cute blog that ive been reading lately - Jenny's Blog
and this is Rina's website if you ever wana buy anything from Japan, she'll be your personal shopper!!

so are you ready to see my wig? lol.. the thing is .. ive already changed my profile pic and you can see that im wearing the wig already.. tee hee hee..
so i wore it out a few a nights ago for the first time.
when gav and i went to the New Shanghai restaurant at Chatswood Chase to try the salted egg yolk crab..

it was kinda dark inside.. but i loved the decor.. everything was either black or red.. one of my favorites was this poster at the counter

and here's a pic of the crabby.. there were TWO ... and they took so long for us to finish.. very yummy indeed..

hmm... i know gav doesnt want me to post this pic coz he reckons he looks bad in it(plus my GREAT self-shot skills cut half his head off.. --") but this is one of the good photos of me so SORRY!!!

its such a nice color. well.. why did you get a wig i hear you asking.. (you're probably not, but just humor me okay?) coz i wanted a lighter shade of hair but didnt wana dye it. plus i want pretty curls without having to perm it too. ive already done that a year ago in hk .. and ive straightened it a few times after high school too.. so thinking of giving my poor hair a rest from the perming and straightening..
ive also gotten extensions in the past.. they were really pretty and fun... UNTIL they started falling out after a few months!!
so a wig is the perfect solution!! it wasnt cheap though.. but i think its worth it.=)
i just need to trim the fringe a little. look at me in this photo.. haha..

its super long i cant even see past it..
oh and im wearing my cute paul frank beanie not because it was that cold but because the wig looks cutest with a beanie or a hat i figured. so i looked through all the beanies and tried them all on.. hehe. girls get to do all these fun things at home like trying beanies on.. *heart*

to be honest, when i put the wig on for the first time and wore it out..i was really really self-conscious. i was EXTREMELY shy shy and just felt very uncomfortable whenever anyone looked at me..
like as if they know its a wig or that i might look funny and it doesnt suit me..etc etc.
but gav kept telling me he likes it and that i look cute in it.. so after awhile i started to relax abit and try not to think about whos thinking what.
thats when i realised i have more fun when i dont care what other people think. the one persons opinion that i cared about was gav's .. and he likes it! so im happy too..
i think i'll be a little less shy next time i wear it out.. =P

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

im very behind with my posts. =( there are so many photos to resize!! and ive been eating out a lot lately.. so tonnes of food pics... and i really would like to post them all..
i'll just post a few for now..the rest can wait til tomorrow.. or some other day. =P
So i got my color lenses from shoppingnspree (i think a week ago..) and i ordered the geo nudy celeb blue and geo angel brown.
without realising the brown ones have black rims around it.. (they're supposed to make the eyes look bigger), i found the brown too big and uncomfortable but liked the blue ones. gav gets scared when he sees me wear them.. haha.. i have to admit they do take some time to get used to.. here's a pic -

this was taken indoors.. with no flash (obviously.. coz there's no flash on the iphone.. ><)
and this is a photo of me and my godson angus!! my eyes are darker here and look a little nicer i think..

so you can probably tell from the photos that i dont put a lot of make up on... the thing is ive just started to learn how to use make-up properly. (well im still not sure if im doing the right thing) in the past ive only ever used eyeliner and sometimes mascara. but last year i bought some mineral foundation and this year i even got myself liquid foundation! and also planning to buy some blush soon. feeling very grown up.. keke.
*(actually.. im quite old to be starting now.. -_-")

hopefully i learn some tips from reading all these blogs ive found recently.. seriously it has become an addiction.. these girls are just sooooo cute and pretty and so good with their make up and clothes.. i just really want to learn to do that.. i guess in a way im trying to learn how to increase my confidence? =) so if you have any comments/tips/advices.. please feel free to leave me a comment and let me know!!!

Alrighty, this is all im gona post about today. there's a pile of clothes infront of me that i need to put away. sigh.. the joy of housework.